Want to really help the Tampa Bay Steampunk Society?

Here’s your chance to make a big impact on a lot of people! We need help from as many members as we can so that we can keep growing the numbers, and the activities, of this society. If you are interested in becoming a coordinator for one of the following activities, just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you quick as a clock tick!

(See position descriptions below the form)





Membership Chair: The Membership Chair will work with officers and other committee chairs to get existing members more involved and help to bring in new members. The Membership Chair will interact on social media with new and existing members as well as at events to make sure those members feel included within the society.

Events Coordinator: The Event Coordinator will create and maintain an event calendar for the group on both the web page and Facebook group. They will work with officers, the Volunteer Coordinator, and members to set up and promote events. (Any member can create or host an invasion but all events where the TBSS would participate in an official capacity requires board approval.) The Event Coordinator is someone members can contact when they have an idea for an event, act as a resource to help get approval, and organize staff that may be needed for the event.

Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer Coordinator will recruit dependable TBSS volunteers and help organize volunteers for official events. The Volunteer Coordinator will also keep track of member’s talents and abilities and match willing helpers with appropriate events. Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for creating a schedule of volunteers at larger events such as Megacon and be present if possible, or find a substitute.

Society Historian: Society Historian is responsible for documenting events by organizing photos taken by members, making note of events (especially those at which TBSS has an official role), and keeping a file (archive on website), especially for new members to view. Ideally, the Historian would create a cohesive story of the group. The Historian would also make a photo book and/or slide show for conventions.

Fundraising Chairperson: The Fundraising Chairperson would organize ideas on how to raise money for TBSS and present them to the officers. Funds would be used to help subsidize special events and pay for TBSS hosted event supplies. Ideally the candidate will have experience working with a non-profit organization in the area of fundraising.

Craft Coordinator: The Craft Coordinator would compile a list of makers and specialties and help organize classes/demos to be held at regular meetings, as well as possibly at future monthly crafting meetups.

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